Lately, I’ve been checking and fixing quite a few broken posts. There are issues mostly with videos not playing. This is due to IOS and Android devices not being able to play Flash videos. I’m addressing this problem by adding links which bypass the Flash player. This isn’t perfect, but it should help. Be aware these links are to data files. I’m not sure, but on cellphones there may be extra charges for using data. In addition, these data files can be more difficult to play. You can, of course, download the files.  Eventually, I may go to a better system like HTML5. Posts in “Categories” up through “Random Audio & Video” and all posts in “Recent Entries” now have “Direct download or play” links. I’ve added links to a lot of the other posts in no particular order, as well. Now I have to address the mess that is “Street Names Update” and I haven’t actually checked “Weather,” but I think it is mostly okay. Also, I may post something using the new WordPress media player. One of my favorite blogs “Kill Ugly Radio” appears to be using the new player, successfully . Maybe in the next week the entire site will be fixed. Stay Tuned!